Concours d’art oratoire

Congratulations to all Surrey School District competitors who participated Concours at Ecole Martha Currie on April 6th!

The next level of competition is May 7th at SFU Surrey.

For more information, see here

Bonne Chance concours

Special Chapter Meeting – April 6th

Join us as we join Concours this year at Martha Currie Elementary.
We’ll begin our chapter meeting after the Concours welcoming speeches and will feature a SPECIAL video booth for you to share your thoughts and love of French Immersion.

Martha Currie Elem 5811 184th St (room #1) @ 7 pm April 6th

Calling all Members!

Do you have children in French Immersion? Do you have a membership with CPF?  Do you love cultural activities, the French language? Or are you concerned with access to FI in Surrey?

If you answered YES to any of these, please join our Chapter! We need fresh faces and ideas as we forge ahead into 2016/17

Many Hands Make Light Work Motto Vision


Upcoming Events!

  • Feb 1 – 7 French Immersion Celebration Week
  • Feb 3 – Chapter meeting**
  • March 2 – Chapter meeting**
  • Science Fair
  • March 4 – 6 Festival du Bois
  • April 1 – Grade 12 Awards application deadline
  • April 6 – Festival Beaux Arts @ the Bell Centre
  • April 6 – Chapter meeting 7 pm @Martha Currie
  • April 6 – Surrey District Concours 7 pm @ Martha Currie

**Chapter meetings are in the library, 7 pm @ Sullivan Heights Secondary.

February Chapter meeting

Our next Chapter meeting is Feb 3rd, 7 pm @ Sullivan Heights Secondary in the library.
Lots to discuss including;
– Kindergarten Parent Info nights
– Cultural Grants
– FRIMM/FAC meeting
– Concours dates
– DELF April dates
– Video project

Festival des Lumieres

Our first ever Festival des Lumieres will be held at Woodward Hill on January 22, 2015 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm – ask your teacher for further information about this fun event for primary grades.

Canadian Parents for French – Surrey Chapter